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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY White Collar Crime lawyerIn almost any corporate crisis high-ranking executives and managers have become slow-moving targets for prosecutors and regulatory enforcers seeking to criminalize business failure. In a pattern that repeats itself constantly, prosecutors use veiled or explicit threats of prosecution to compel the corporation to "offer up" one or more corporate leaders as "scapegoats" for prosecution. All of this to save the corporation (or those remaining in control of the company) from being indicted for any crime. 

Professionals in health care, legal, financial, accounting and private businesses, and other regulated fields are in much the same boat. They may be in a confrontation with investigators and prosecutors who are only looking to find fault, often in disregard of the accepted standards and practices in the business and the good faith of the actors, or who rely for their understanding on disgruntled former employees, or competitors, or a real criminal who is trying to paint others as wrongdoers to earn credits for "cooperation."

With so much at stake, and with the possible penalties so high, even for the most innocent person, there is almost irresistible pressure to plead guilty to some offense, and "cooperate" (which usually means accusing others of wrongdoing), in order to avoid or minimize possible jail time.

Our White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Services 

At Harrington & Mahoney we have experience defending corporate officers and professionals who find themselves under the gaze of prosecutors. We understand a large scope of categories that are under white-collar crime. There are a number of newer crimes that come with the advancement of technology, however, our law firm stays up to date with the latest changes in white-collar crime. Learn more about the different areas we defend against below:

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From the largest corporate fraud trials — like the "Adelphia" trial in New York City in 2004 — to "small" investigations involving a single questioned transaction, we have helped our clients to survive and succeed under these enormous pressures. We help make the law, the real facts, and innocence matter in "white collar" cases when all the world is interested only in appearances.

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