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Harrington & Mahoney has long been interested in maximizing the value of its investment in law office software, while at the same time getting every advantage for our clients in terms of efficiencey and effectiveness. However, the typical user, even at very large law firms, is not aware of many of the features that are built in to the standard software or how to implement them. 

We have tried to build knowledge of essential and powerful software features into our program of training the attorneys, paralegals, and law students working in the firm.  One vehicle to make this process more efficient is to create hese tutorials. 

Feel free to view these videos as ofen as you like. Please let us know if there are particuar software processes that you believe could be well illustrated in additional tutorials.


WordPerfect - Table of Authorities

There is no excuse for any memorandum to leave the law office without a Table of Authorities. It not only is helpful to the judges who review our work, it demonstated professionalism.  And in apellate briefs, where the inclusion of a taleof authorities is required, learning how to use this softwarefeature saves much time and headaches compared to a manual method, which is still a shockingly common practice. This tutorial describes the process in WordPerfect, which most find easier than in Word. Indeed, a large percentage of Word users have given up and use third party programs to generate such tables.




Adobe Acrobat - Manually Bookmarking PDF Documents

When a PDF file is correctly generated from a properly prepared WordPerfect or Word document, all the headings should appear as bookmarks in the PDF document.  But if you don't know how to do that, or if you get a PDF document that was from another source who also did not understand how to do this, it is very useful for your own purposes and anyone needing to navigate and read the document, to manually create bookmarks.  This tutotial teaches you how to do this, using he Sentencing Guidelines Manual as a prop.


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