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Extortion Criminal Defense Attorney in Buffalo, NY

Extortion criminal defense attorney in Buffalo, NY

Accused of extortion in Buffalo, NY? Being labeled can harm your personal and professional image. Harrington & Mahoney can defend your rights and restore your reputation.

Understanding Extortion: The Basics

Extortion means obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. It ranges from direct verbal or written threats to more subtle forms, like blackmail—threatening to reveal personal information. In today's digital age, the avenues for extortion have expanded, with cyber threats posing a real and present danger.

Businesses, too, can be victims, facing demands for money under the threat of reputational harm or data leaks. Recognizing and addressing these threats promptly can make all the difference in safeguarding one's reputation and assets.

Why Choose Harrington & Mahoney?

If you're faced with extortion charges, you need experienced defenders who can dismantle the prosecution's claims. Our team conducts thorough investigations to uncover any hidden motives or inconsistencies. With a successful track record in Buffalo and New York, we stand ready to defend your rights. Contact us now for premier legal representation.

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