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Extortion Money Payment

Anytime someone obtains money, goods or services through the use of force or threats, this is likely an example of extortion. Compared to ethical business dealings where a proper exchange between providers and clients exists, extortion is an unlawful practice that should be brought to justice through legal proceedings. 

What Is Extortion?

Extortion is obtaining something through the means of force or threats. Extortion includes verbal or written threats that will happen if a victim does not fulfill the demands. Extortion does not need to involve violent threats. For example, blackmail includes extortion through the means of non-violent measures that include disclosing private information. Businesses and organizations can fall victim to extortion, over demands for compensation with threats of releasing sensitive customer information or further damage to a business or person's social image. 

A conviction for fraud can result in severe consequences, including lengthy prison sentences and severe fines.

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