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Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney

fraud white collar criminal defense attorney Fraud, an age-old crime of deception, always leaves someone at a disadvantage. Whether you suspect victimization or face accusations, you're not alone. At Harrington & Mahoney, our white-collar criminal defense attorneys bring expertise and compassion to every fraud case.

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Understanding Fraud

At its core, fraud thrives on deceit, manifesting in various forms, from identity theft and insurance fraud to large-scale securities fraud. Potential losses ranging from personal information to millions of dollars are a formidable concern for individuals and corporations. Protect yourself from all scales of fraud with an adept attorney.

A fraud conviction can have life-altering repercussions:

  • Prison sentences, sometimes even life without parole
  • Overwhelming fines and mandatory compensations
  • Revocation of professional credentials

Why Choose Harrington & Mahoney?

Fraud cases are intricate, often delving deep into financial records from years past. Our seasoned attorneys have the expertise to forge robust defenses that defy even the strongest prosecutions. Trusted by countless individuals in Buffalo and New York, our commitment is your protection. Reach out to us now for unmatched legal support.

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