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Perjury Criminal Defense Attorney

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Uncovering the truth through a trial is the prevailing objective in a court. However, justice can be obstructed through false testimony provided by any person testifying in a court. As such, perjury is a serious offense that can lead to severe punishment through prison sentencing and fines. Perjury should not be taken lightly and anyone facing such charges should consult a criminal defense attorney for how to proceed.

What Is Perjury?

Lying under oath is a simple definition of perjury. While this has traditionally meant testifying in court, the law has expanded to reach into other types of hearings and lawsuits. A witness who makes a statement that they know is not true while under oath can be charged for perjury, as their testimony can cause the ruling in the court to be misdirected. Perjury must happen under oath, requires a statement and must have the intent to mislead. There are instances where a person may have been confused, have a lapse of memory or simply misspoke, which may not be grounds for perjury when the entire statement is viewed.

A conviction for perjury can result in severe consequences, including lengthy prison sentences and severe fines.

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