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Embezzlement Criminal Defense Attorney

Embezzlement white collar Criminal Defense attorney Facing the weight of embezzlement charges can be overwhelming, especially when your reputation and future are on the line. Embezzlement, a white-collar crime, can lead to serious consequences when corporate finances are misappropriated. At Harrington & Mahoney, our criminal defense attorneys specialize in embezzlement criminal defense, ensuring innocent employees get the defense they deserve. Our track record of over 100 successful cases in Buffalo & NY speaks for itself.

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Understanding Embezzlement: A White-Collar Crime

Embezzlement typically involves the theft of money or assets by someone entrusted with their oversight. Such actions can lead to discrepancies in bookkeeping, tracing back to an employee with authority over these resources. However, it's crucial to note that not all inconsistencies arise from malicious intent. Sometimes, accounting or reporting mistakes are just that - mistakes.

A conviction can lead to:

  • Potential incarceration, including life imprisonment without the chance of parole.
  • Hefty monetary fines to compensate the government and the victims.
  • A potential loss of professional licenses and hard-earned achievements.

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Imagine being caught in the whirlwind of false accusations. With Harrington & Mahoney, you're not just securing a lawyer; you're gaining a partner dedicated to clearing your name and safeguarding your future.

Don't risk your reputation. Act Now! Our seasoned attorneys provide personalized defense strategies tailored to your unique case, ensuring the best defense possible. Contact our expert team for unmatched expertise in white-collar criminal defense, and begin your journey to vindication today.

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