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Center for Christian Nonviolence
My former teacher at Notre Dame, (Rev.) Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, is probably the foremost teacher in the United States, if not the world, on the critical subject of Christian Nonviolence. His powerful lectures and sermons present the often ignored but essential core of Christian doctrine - Nonviolence.

CrimeLynx® was developed in 1996 by my friend Jeralyn Merritt, a Denver-based criminal defense attorney. It is designed to give legal practitioners, both experienced and new to the Internet, a solid starting point from which to venture out and gather the information they need without wasting valuable time trying to locate relevant links on their own. CrimeLynx is updated daily with news and commentary of interest to the criminal defense community and journalists covering crime-related news and politics.

TalkLeft is a Weblog also created by Jeralyn Merritt. It is an on-line source for liberal coverage of "crime-related political and injustice news."

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