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Criminal Defense Attorney for Money Laundering in Binghamton, NY

Offenders who engage in money laundering risk severe punishment. An attorney should be sought out without delay if one is under investigation or accused of involvement in a money laundering operation. In Binghamton, New York, Harrington & Mahoney can advocate on your behalf to minimize charges and clean your record. Prosecutors may subject you to extensive monitoring, record requests, and interviews to build a case that reveals your involvement in a conspiracy to launder money.

Why You Need An Attorney Now

Let's say you're being looked into for your possible role in a money laundering scam. Your attorney will be able to help you manage all forms of communication to ensure that you do not inadvertently provide any information that could be used against you. If you want to avoid formal charges, a lawyer can help you decide whether or not it is in your best advantage to cooperate with investigators by sitting down for interviews. Legal representation can help ensure you do not violate additional laws throughout the investigation.

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Suppose you find yourself under scrutiny or facing criminal charges related to money laundering. In that case, you must retain the services of an experienced legal team who can advise you and defend you against the charges. The lawyers at Harrington & Mahoney have helped Binghamton, New York, area CEOs and businesses with their white-collar criminal defense needs, and they are ready to do the same for you. Anyone who has been accused of a white-collar crime should get in touch with our firm immediately.

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