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Because of the expanding reach of the internet, which connects more people all over the world, there is also an increased risk in the form of crimes committed using computers. These risks include illegally accessing personal information stored on another device to producing malicious software. When utilizing a hacked device, individuals risk being victims of criminal attacks or unwittingly becoming part of a criminal's network. You may be unaware of the potential hazards to your privacy and safety posed by the internet, but lawmakers introduce new legislation every year to address these concerns. Suppose you have been suspected of committing a computer crime. In that case, you should not hesitate to contact Harrington & Mahoney, the most qualified criminal defense attorneys in the Rochester, New York, area.defense attorneys for computer crimes in rochester, ny

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Legal assistance throughout an investigation into computer crimes is necessary to safeguard your rights and interests. An attorney can guide you through the judicial system and help you defend yourself against accusations if you require assistance. If you retain legal representation throughout the investigation, you will not be subject to any additional criminal legislation.

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We are eager to assist in your defense as experienced criminal defense attorneys, and we look forward to working on your case. If you are being investigated for a computer crime or have been charged with one, you should consult with an experienced legal team that can give you advice and defends you against criminal allegations. At Harrington & Mahoney, we have defended CEOs and corporations in Rochester, NY, who have been accused of committing white-collar crimes. Get in touch with us right away for information regarding computer crimes.

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