Obtaining a fair balance of advantage in a criminal case is one of the most important tasks for the defense lawyer, one we take on every day.

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Because of the difficulty of obtaining relief after a conviction has already occurred, we are most selective about the cases we will take in the areas of appeals and post-conviction motions.

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HARRINGTON & MAHONEY, is one of the premier criminal defense firms in Buffalo, New York. It is known across the United States and Canada for the experience and success of our attorneys in representing those who are investigated for and charged with crimes in federal and state courts. Our cases range from serious traffic violations, to drug, marijuana, fraud, tax, environmental, antitrust, securities, immigration, customs, arms export control, health care, child pornography, Food and Drug Act, and other serious crimes, including death penalty cases. We have handled the most complicated type of "white collar" cases seen in the American courtroom. Because of our location on the Canadian border, we are especially aware of the challenges in representing non-citizens accused of crimes.

On a selective basis we handle appeals and other post-conviction attacks on criminal convictions. A significant part of our practice is also devoted to family law and domestic relations.

Throughout our practice there are common threads — imaginative dedication to the needs and rights of each individual client, and mastery of the law and facts of each case. We are here for those who never thought they would need a criminal defense lawyer, where everything depends on choosing the right one.